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6 Security Foresights for the New Year

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With the new year and a new decade on the horizon, technology hasn’t come as far as to emerge with flying cars; however, security and relevant systems are becoming more innovative and predictive with the digital age.

Along with the new year, we are seeing 6 emerging trends in the physical security industry that will only lead to smarter and more innovative solutions to come:

Zero-trust environments converge

  • Cyber and physical security threats are beginning to mesh together, with the physical security industry just beginning its digital transformation and cyber much further along
  • New technologies are being introduced to make physical security smarter and society safer in dynamic enterprise environments.

Search for More Meaning

  • With a continued influx of data, more context and intelligence will be required to understand historical trends. AI will come to the forefront to help predict behaviors and improve upon current trends.
  • An AI evolution will occur rather than an AI revolution, and will gradually be accepted in combination with other new technologies and data.

Focus on Governance

  • More regulation and safer handling of sensitive physical security data will come into play.

Conditional Privacy Concept

  • Security systems that can provide an operation’s current risk status eliminate more concerns of balance between privacy and security.

Increased Automation

  • Security practitioners will begin to accept technologies that allow for more automation of their security operations, helping them do their jobs more effectively.

Smarter, Safer Cities and Buildings

  • The digital transformation of physical security will bring with it smarter cities and buildings, connected through more integrated IoT devices and sensors that observe the everyday environment to create safer, more productive places to live and work.

Read the full article “Security Foresights for the New Year” from Security Today.


Sensing Danger in 2020

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With the influx of gun-induced incidents hitting news headlines and back-and-forth in Washington on how to handle gun policy effectively, school leaders are left grappling with the everyday dilemma of how to keep their schools safe.

In the recent article “Sensing Danger in 2020”, ReconaSense Executive VP Clayton Brown sits down with Campus Security & Life Safety magazine to lay out how AI-powered physical security technologies can make school leaders proactive and help improve student life safety today. In the process, he examines:

  • How AI functions similar to a human brain.
    • Just as a human brain uses its six senses to detect and identify features in the environment, AI’s “neural network sensors” – cameras, access control systems, big data, etc. – collect data, build patterns of behavior, identify risk within those patterns, and relay this information back to the human.
  • How AI provides real-time situational awareness to human personnel
    • Once AI detects the event, it notifies human personnel if the event equals risk to provide true real-time situational awareness at all times.
  • Addressing active shooter threats
    • The current state of school safety and government intervention
  • Current AI-powered weapon and environmental hazard detection technologies
    • Weapon and chemical detection that is discreet and passive
  • How AI transforms analytics into preventive action
    • From notifying police instantly with streamed surveillance to first responders, to automatically adjusting permissions and initiating emergency lockdown procedures
  • Improving mustering for students and first responders
    • Sharing student safety statuses and providing updates on the risk status of a threat
  • Maintaining student privacy with AI-based security management
    • New AI-powered security platforms balance student privacy with making safety of highest priority.

Read the full article here. 

ReconaSense Rapid Install Wizard Accelerates Access Control Deployments

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AUSTIN, Texas — Nov. 18, 2019 — ReconaSense, a next-gen physical security intelligence and access control company, today announced the beta launch of its Rapid Install Wizard, a new software tool for integrators that reduces the time-intensive configuration of access control projects using Mercury controllers by 50% or more.

Deploying and configuring access control systems is typically a manual, error-prone process for integrators who must physically locate each onsite controller and input different parameters and thresholds for each controller, door, and reader. In large dynamic environments such as airports, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities, this can be a daunting and costly task — particularly when upgrading legacy implementations in existing facilities.

Instead, the Rapid Install Wizard detects and incorporates all controllers, cameras, and IP devices connected to a network and offers pre-defined templates that should be applied to those devices. This expedites system deployment and configuration for installation teams while eliminating the burden of setting industry standard thresholds per door.

The goal of the new tool is to trim installation efforts from weeks to days, and configuration time from days to hours, enabling integrators to save time and money for themselves as well as their clients. 

“ReconaSense is using new software tools to simplify integrator best practices for the installation and commissioning of Mercury controllers,” said Clayton Brown, executive vice president of ReconaSense. “This reduces time, cost, and error from every access control project by orders of magnitude. More or less, we believe this will allow our partners to upgrade two projects in the time it currently takes to finish one.”

ReconAccess is the first intelligent access control solution that leverages analytics to measure the real-time evolving risk of individuals, assets and environments, while automatically adjusting access permissions and delivering actionable guidance to help avert potential threats or disasters. 

The Rapid Install Wizard will be demonstrated at ISC East, Nov. 20-21 in New York City, at Booth #524.

To learn more visit:




About ReconaSense

ReconaSense helps protect people, assets, buildings and cities with its next-gen access control and converged physical security intelligence platform. By leveraging artificial intelligence (A.I.), ReconaSense identifies and mitigates potential threats and attacks before they happen, giving security teams the ability to go beyond managing data and individual alerts to achieving true situational awareness and rapid response capabilities. Learn more at


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ReconaSense, Patriot One, and Smarter Security Join Forces to Address Active Shooter Threats

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AI-Powered Weapons Detection and Entrance Controls Adapt in Real Time as Active Shooter Situations Unfold

AUSTIN, Texas — Oct. 28, 2019ReconaSense, the developer of physical security’s first intelligent access control system,  Patriot One Technologies Inc., developer of the PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform, and Smarter Security, the intelligent entrance controls company, today announced an integrated solution for covert weapons detection and automated lockdown intended to detect and deter potential attacks, and save more lives.

FBI statistics released in April designated 27 shootings in 2018 as active shooter incidents, and 2019 has seen at least 21 mass shootings prior to October 1. Responses to these threats have included armed security guards, armed teachers, padlocked entrances, metal detectors, bag x-ray systems, and mass notification alert systems. However, the ability to detect and delay active assailants’ progress into a building before they fire a shot or inflict harm remains elusive.

The PATSCAN Platform and its sensor components can be covertly deployed to detect visible threats as well as concealed weapons on a body or in a bag. Once detected, onsite security is notified instantly via mobile phone, tablet, or desktop so they can respond quickly and effectively to the situation.

Integrating the solution with ReconaSense takes it one step further. Once the PATSCAN Platform detects a threat, access-controlled doors can be locked down with ReconaSense’s proactive access control system, barring entry to a potential attacker or containing them in a specific area. The integrated solution can capture key details about the location and individual, as well as provide real-time video that is transmitted directly to security personnel and first responders.

“Security teams continue to struggle with how to intelligently automate the covert detection of imminent attacks without also generating alarms for every laptop, smartphone, and metal water bottle that comes through the door,” said Jeff Brown, Chairman of the Board for ReconaSense & CEO of Smarter Security. “This collaboration offers a powerful, AI-driven solution for active threat detection and automatic lockdown that works in any space, reduces false alarms, and continues to learn and adapt to situations in real time.”

How It Works

  • When a weapon – concealed or not – is detected on a pedestrian, the system immediately locks down specific access-controlled doors and turnstiles
  • Customer policy determines which lanes to lock or unlock until the situation is remediated.
  • Once remediated, the doors and turnstiles unlock and resume normal flow of traffic.

Unique Benefits 

  • Real-time & instant lockdown
  • Discrete and accurate weapon detection
  • Streamlined pedestrian flow that eliminates redundant queueing

“Working with ReconaSense & Smarter Security has been a terrific experience for our Patriot One team. The mission of all three companies is to provide innovative, top-of-the-line security solutions to help protect people and their communities,” said Martin Cronin, CEO and President of Patriot One. “Integrating our PATSCAN Platform with the ReconaSense unification platform and Smarter Security’s state-of-the-art entry takes us one step closer to stopping these horrific tragedies before they take place.”

New York Showcase

This integrated solution will be on demonstration at the ReconaSense and Smarter Security Showroom on Fifth Avenue in New York City in early December.







About ReconaSense

ReconaSense helps protect people, assets, buildings and cities with its next-gen access control and converged physical security intelligence platform. By leveraging AI, ReconaSense identifies and mitigates potential threats and attacks before they happen, giving security teams the ability to go beyond managing data and individual alerts to achieving true situational awareness and rapid response capabilities. Visit

About Patriot One Technologies Inc.

Patriot One’s mission is to deliver innovative threat detection and counter-terrorism solutions for safer communities. The PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform provides a network of advanced sensor technologies with powerful next generation AI/machine learning software. The network can be covertly deployed from far perimeter to interiors across multiple weapons-restricted facilities. The PATSCAN Platform identifies and reports threats wherever required; car park, building approach, employee & public entryways and inside the facilities. Each solution in the PATSCAN Platform identifies weapons, related threats or disturbances for immediate security response. Patriot One’s motto Deter, Detect and Defend is based on the belief that widespread use of the PATSCAN Platform will act as an effective deterrent to diminish the epidemic of active threats around the globe. For more information, visit:

About Smarter Security

Since 1992, Smarter Security has offered Fastlane® turnstiles, the most elegant and intelligent optical turnstiles available. Fastlane protects over half of the Fortune 100, along with thousands of commercial and government lobbies on six continents, including many of the world’s most iconic buildings. Smarter Security is privately held and headquartered in Austin, Texas, with team members located throughout North America. Learn more at


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Features Geospatial AI Capabilities to Enable Geofencing

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The latest release of ReconaSense’s latest Risk-Adaptive Security & Access Control delivers proactive, intelligent and geospatial physical security. The system unifies typically siloed data from security systems, cameras, IoT devices, sensors and building automation systems to provide a common operating picture and risk intelligence. With technology that identifies abnormal activity and adjusts risk levels in real time, ReconaSense risk-adaptive access control spots threats to life safety and overall security and can minimize risks. Its geospatial AI capabilities enable geofencing, risk-aware guidance and remote control.

ReconaSense has recently released a new feature within their risk-adaptive security and access control solution with geospatial AI capabilities. Unifying data from disparate and siloed surveillance and sensor technology, the system provides a common operating picture by translating different languages from different data sources into one common language. The latest geospatial AI feature enables geofencing, risk-aware, guidance and remote control.

Read the full news article from Security Magazine here. 

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The Role of AI in Physical Security for Critical Infrastructure

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With the recent digital transformation of security infrastructures involving a mix of technology adoptions, critical infrastructures need to be able to leverage incoming data for improved life safety, reduced risk and quick response times in emergencies.

In a recent article in World Security Report, ReconaSense Executive Vice President Clayton Brown discusses:

  • exactly what AI is and does
  • how it compares to the human thought process
  • how it analyzes security data and delivers actionable insights that directly impact life safety and risk prevention
  • how it acts to support rather than replace the human, providing real-time situational awareness

Also discussed are scenarios pinpointing where and how AI can significantly help improve life safety in a security operation:

  • Go From Video Analytics to Intelligence
  • Make Access Control Risk-Adaptive and Dynamic vs. Role-Based and Static
  • Get Ahead of Threats with Intelligence

Full article “The Role of AI in Physical Security for Critical Infrastructure” in World Security Report, page 12 here. 

Four Ways Artificial Intelligence Helps Mitigate Risk

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In a recent article, ReconaSense Co-Founder Clayton Brown weighs in on specific ways one can use artificial intelligence to not only respond to, but prevent risks from becoming anything more in everyday life.

With so many moving parts in today’s risk environments, it’s necessary to detect threats early and stop them in their tracks. Clayton discusses four ways AI is already making it possible and efficient to manage physical security risk include:

Uncovering Security Blind Spots

Utilizing an AI-assisted security system to manage and protect the everyday flow of people , assets and buildings assures no threat missed by the human eye goes unnoticed

Transforming Access Control to be Risk-Adaptive

Assuring physical access control systems are well-equipped and prepared to respond to all threats and automatically adjust permissions accordingly, including but not limited to:

  • Abnormal events
  • Insider threats
  • Hazardous situations

Cancelling Out the Noise to Find Real Risk

Limited human attention spans means a limited ability to identify every threat, especially when the security officer is inundated with massive amounts of video footage and cameras to monitor.

Get Ahead of Threats with Intelligence

Too many alarms sent too late, some of which are inaccurate to begin with, causes alarm fatigue. AI assists the security officer to detect early warning signs and reduce false alarms.

Read the full article from Security Magazine here: “Four Ways Artificial Intelligence Helps Mitigate Risks”.

Johnson Controls, Patriot One Partner on Threat Detection Solution

By News

Patriot One Technologies, creator of the PATSCAN covert radar screening device and software solution that detects on-body concealed weapons, has announced an integration partnership with Johnson Controls.

Within the past two years, Patriot One has integrated with other physical security technologies like ReconaSense and SmarterSecurity, as they continue to expand operations.

Included in the PATSCAN multi-sensor covert threat detection platform are four unique threat detection sensors:

  1. PATSCAN CMR covert weapon detection sensor
  2. PATSCAN VRS video threat recognition software
  3. PATSCAN STS multi-chemical threat detection sensor
  4. PATSCAN TMS covet weapon detection sensor
  5. Patriot One continues the hunt for other threat detection components to add to their PATSCAN platform, some of which will be utilized in integration efforts with Johnson Controls and their clients.

Johnson Controls has expressed its eagerness to integrate with the weapons-detection company, citing their many sensor components and preventative security capabilities as delivering a new level of protection for Johnson Controls and their clients.

Here’s the full article “Johnson Controls, Patriot One Partner on Threat Detection Solution” from Security Sales & Integration. 

Webinar: ReconaSense and D6 Research Present 2019 State of Physical Security Industry Findings

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Industry experts will discuss organizational pressures, limitations of mainstream approaches, and recommendations to get ahead of what’s to come. 

ReconaSense today announced a joint webinar with security industry expert Terry Gold, founder of D6 Research, that will discuss findings from the firm’s 2019 State of Physical Security Report. The free event will be held on Wed. Sept. 25 at 1pm CDT.

According to D6 Research, internal visibility and support for cybersecurity has dramatically increased in recent years due to measurable risk reduction, business impact, and return on value (ROV). These efforts have changed management conversations and expectations surrounding cybersecurity issues.

In contrast, physical security has operated as a silo and been perceived as a cost center until recently. Modern technologies and approaches are helping practitioners secure funding, build proactive security postures, and gain executive support for modernization projects with unprecedented success.

During the webinar, Gold and Clayton Brown, co-founder and executive vice president of ReconaSense, will discuss how:

  • To transform reports into predictive analysis
  • To prove a security program’s corporate value
  • To measure and validate key contributions more effectively
  • ReconaSense uses existing infrastructure to enable proactive security postures

Terry Gold is the founder of D6 Research, a vendor-neutral research and advisory firm specializing in the intersect of physical and cybersecurity. His background spans the domains of information security, physical security, and ethical hacking. Over the past 15 years, Gold has built unique methodologies and advised a notable portion of F500 companies in developing strategies to mitigate real-world threats. He is frequently published in media and presents at various conferences including DEFCON, DerbyCon, Security BSides, and ISC West. He is also a board member of Security B Conferences of California, an ISC West SIA Education Advisory Member, an SC Awards Judge, and a former board member of ISSA Orange County.

Register for the ReconaSense/D6 webinar here.


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From Disasters to Insider Threats, AI Is Key to Securing Our Critical Infrastructure

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“Critical infrastructure” isn’t a common word tossed around in the average person’s daily vocabulary. In fact, this is more commonly a government-utilized term, used to describe assets essential for the functioning of a society and economy  – hospitals, ambulances, police, military, airports, power grid and telecommunication lines, government facilities – and much more. They provide us with clean water, safety, food, and energy.

Many of us forget about these essential structures and facilities until an event occurs, such as a natural disaster or a some kind of incident.

In a recent article with ReconaSense CTO John Carter, he weighs in on the state of physical security within our nation’s critical infrastructures, and how they can benefit from the technology available today – technology that can help save lives.

Topics discussed include:

  • How legacy technology can’t keep up with modern challenges
  • How intelligence and adaptivity can be  wielded to defend against critical threats including but not limited to:
    • weather threats
    • insider threats
    • cyberterrorism threats

Read the “From Disasters to Insider Threats, AI Is Key to Securing Our Critical Infrastructure” article here.

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ReconaSense helps protect people, assets, buildings and cities with its next-gen access control and security and risk intelligence platform. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), ReconaSense identifies and mitigates potential threats and attacks before they happen, giving security teams the ability to go beyond managing data and individual alerts to achieving true situational awareness and rapid response capabilities.


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