Modern Security for a Modern World

The Possibilities Are Endless

For whatever way you need to ensure a safer word, the ReconaSense platform drives faster detection and response times for security threats to improve physical security.

Information Overload
Receiving multiple alerts from diverse systems can create a chaotic situation. Other existing platforms can only aggregate the data and don’t necessarily provide any analysis to your operators. ReconaSense cuts through all the clutter by unifying the message so operators don’t have to monitor everything because the platform helps focus on what matters most.
Asset Protection
As connectivity increases and assets become services, knowing who is in possession of what assets is critical. Whether managing a shared asset, retrieving a shipment, or keeping track of inventory, increased transparency and control are critical. With more moving parts than ever, organizations need to know the location and status of every asset in real-time—and with ReconaSense, you can.
Insider Threats
Typically you think of threats coming from the outside, but in today’s world, the threat is just as likely to come from within. ReconaSense security intelligence and risk-adaptive access control detect suspicious behavior with real-time statistical analysis so you can combat internal threats quickly.
Health, Safety & Environment
Before access to any area is granted, ReconaSense helps you to look beyond the doorway and examine environmental conditions across hazardous or critical operations. This greatly improves life safety, accountability and compliance without increasing complexity or labor costs.
Advanced Building Automation
As newer smart meters join enterprise networks, they are creating valuable data that is drastically underutilized. ReconaSense takes advantage of this data to help decision makers and facility managers improve operational efficiencies and security.
Active Shooter Mitigation
With school and building violence increasingly in the headlines, you need a solution that can detect a suspicious person before they enter the facility. With ReconaSense and its database of behaviors, you have a platform that alerts you automatically to potential threats before they enter the facility or campus.
Perimeter Intrusion
The more layers of protection provided, the more awareness. The sooner you know, the more time there is to prepare and avoid instinctual reactions. Whether the sensor is at the perimeter or in your hub, ReconaSense fuses data so you know sooner—not later.
Expecting the Unexpected
The more critical a facility, the more granularity and accountability is required. ReconaSense anticipates threats by providing actionable intelligence at the granular level from diverse data sources across your entire operation. This can be used for primary analytics or secondary verification as needed.
Multi-Vector Attacks
Attackers look for the path of least resistance, which can be either a front door or a digital gateway. ReconaSense is designed to integrate both physical and virtual security tools so you can measure and manage risk comprehensively, regardless of its source.