It's time for intelligent Access Control

Risk-adaptive access control stops threats now.


No more physical security blindspots

Spotlight risks in one screen, one common language.



We are pleased to announce that ReconAccess conforms to FICAM standard and is undergoing FICAM certification process.


Winner of New Product Showcase

ReconAccess Named Top New Solution for Access Control by SIA at ISC West


Makes Sense of It All

ReconaSense seamlessly unifies security, sensor, IoT device and other systems data into a common operating picture. Identify potential threats and mitigate risk with our patented security intelligence platform and risk-adaptive access control solution.


Unify Risk Management

Normalize all security data and sensor inputs across your enterprise for proactive safety analysis.


Modernize Access

Ensure safe interactions between people, facilities and assets with risk-adaptive physical access control.


Predict Threats

Get ahead of breaches and attacks before they wreak havoc with predictive insights and actionable guidance.


Improve Compliance

Implement safety policies and enforce procedural compliance with AI-enhanced security controls.


ReconaSense monitors what matters most by converting diverse data from disparate systems, applications, sensors and devices into actionable intelligence for proactive control and integrated security.


Seamlessly integrate security systems and enterprise applications into real-time actionable risk avoidance and predict threats before they become incidents.

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Increase physical security with risk-adaptive access controls that evaluate user attributes, activity and behavior to adjust risk levels and permissions in real time.

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Keep security staff informed and deliver incident alerts from impacted constituents with smartphone apps that pinpoint safety breaches for better rapid response and resolution.

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Gain a geospatial view of critical threats, high-risk events and your assets. Deploy commands to devices, drones, access controls, cameras and more to quickly mitigate risk.

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It’s Time to Rethink Access Control

Read our new eBook to learn how you can go beyond the door with an intelligent physical access control system (PACS) to proactively detect and respond to threats, reclaiming your peace of mind.

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