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The Missing Link for Interior Door Security

Doors with locks provide suitable security, only until they’re opened. Door Detective® is a doorway-mounted detection and direction control system that is ideal for any access-controlled area where an intruder could do more than a few thousand dollars in damage. Door Detective is a cost-efficient solution to advance security measures without adding hassle to staff and end users.

Explore the benefits that a
Door Detective can provide to your facilities:


Detect “Human hacking”, safeguard interior spaces, and ensure accurate employee counts for emergency situations.


Save millions of dollars by preventing breaches and theft, avoid adding additional guards or staff, and ease of installation.


Eliminate tailgating and integrate seamlessly with the ReconaSense platform while requiring no additional authentications.

Gain Accountability and Control

Key benefits include:
  • Tailgate detection – intentional or accidental
  • Direction violations – ensures passage only in the approved direction
  • Population control – helps enforce area limits, and can provide valuable population data to building automation control systems

Get to Know

Door Detective.

The Next Evolution in Entrance Control

Door Detective SG

The New SG has the same specifications as the Plus, but with an additional benefit of Sidegate Detection® technology. This feature can detect any side-by-side collision in either single and double-door settings.

Door Detective Plus

Powered by a dedicated high-speed onboard micro-controller, the Plus provides tailgate detection and easily integrates with ReconaSense. It includes an internal CPU and PoE power and supports IP communication.

Door Detective CL

With higher-end aesthetics, the Door Detective Classic or CL beams can rotate to extend across hallways without door jam mounting. It includes an internal CPU with an external 12VDC power supply.

Door Detective Compact

Our most economic model, the Compact, is a doorway-mounted tailgate detection and direction control system that further secures an access-controlled door. It includes an external CPU and 12 VDC power supply.

Door Detective Plus

Click here for a technical datasheet on Door Detective Plus and its capabilities.

Door Detective Comparison

Compare our three Door Detective models by clicking here for our comparison datasheet.

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