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High Security for Government Organizations

Designed to Federal Specifications

ReconaSense is the first Risk-Adaptive security framework to receive FICAM certification (APL #10131) using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. We help protect federal, military, critical infrastructure, and sensitive facilities requiring the highest levels of security. Our patented solution meets and exceeds Government regulations for:

HSPD-12, FIPS 201, ICD705, UL1076, UL294, and FIPS 140-2

Military, Federal and State Governments
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Critical Infrastructure


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Unified Platform

Unified Platform

The ReconaSense platform integrates with all federal security systems and other applications at the database layer,
translating data into one common language, automatically adjusting permissions to deliver security intelligence through a single interface providing a more intelligent view into security across your entire operation.

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Risk-Adaptive Command Control Display (RAdCCD)

RAdCCd manages roles, responsibilities, and rules across security personnel, material, and information to reflect real-time risk levels allowing operators to automatically adjust security according to risks improving operational effectiveness, installation resilience, and threat detection capabilities for military-grade facilities.

Risk-Adaptive Physical Access Control System (RAdPACS)

RAdPACS manages credential enrollment, validation, verification, authorization, mitigation, and revocation of physical access credentials according to real-time risk-based analysis, allowing facilities to improve safety, security, and efficiency with automatic adjustments of physical access privileges.

Insider Threat

Risk-Adaptive Insider Threat Intelligence & Interception (RAdInT)

RAdInT modernizes installation security postures against internal unauthorized physical access, including rogue badges and operator collusion. By using risk-based analysis and risk-adaptive controls, decision-makers can prevent and report suspected physical InT activity more effectively.

Insider Threats

ReconaSense is the only next-generation platform that can uniquely identify insider threats through risk-adaptive access control that detects suspicious behavior with real-time statistical analysis so you can combat internal threats quickly.

  • Physical Access Control System
  • Command Control Display
  • Insider Threat Intelligence & Interception
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