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Johnson Controls, Patriot One Partner on Threat Detection Solution

By October 1, 2019 October 30th, 2019 No Comments

Patriot One Technologies, creator of the PATSCAN covert radar screening device and software solution that detects on-body concealed weapons, has announced an integration partnership with Johnson Controls.

Within the past two years, Patriot One has integrated with other physical security technologies like ReconaSense and SmarterSecurity, as they continue to expand operations.

Included in the PATSCAN multi-sensor covert threat detection platform are four unique threat detection sensors:

  1. PATSCAN CMR covert weapon detection sensor
  2. PATSCAN VRS video threat recognition software
  3. PATSCAN STS multi-chemical threat detection sensor
  4. PATSCAN TMS covet weapon detection sensor
  5. Patriot One continues the hunt for other threat detection components to add to their PATSCAN platform, some of which will be utilized in integration efforts with Johnson Controls and their clients.

Johnson Controls has expressed its eagerness to integrate with the weapons-detection company, citing their many sensor components and preventative security capabilities as delivering a new level of protection for Johnson Controls and their clients.

Here’s the full article “Johnson Controls, Patriot One Partner on Threat Detection Solution” from Security Sales & Integration.