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6 Security Foresights for the New Year

By December 5, 2019 March 14th, 2022 No Comments

With the new year and a new decade on the horizon, technology hasn’t come as far as to emerge with flying cars; however, security and relevant systems are becoming more innovative and predictive with the digital age.

Along with the new year, we are seeing 6 emerging trends in the physical security industry that will only lead to smarter and more innovative solutions to come:

Zero-trust environments converge

  • Cyber and physical security threats are beginning to mesh together, with the physical security industry just beginning its digital transformation and cyber much further along
  • New technologies are being introduced to make physical security smarter and society safer in dynamic enterprise environments.

Search for More Meaning

  • With a continued influx of data, more context and intelligence will be required to understand historical trends. AI will come to the forefront to help predict behaviors and improve upon current trends.
  • An AI evolution will occur rather than an AI revolution, and will gradually be accepted in combination with other new technologies and data.

Focus on Governance

  • More regulation and safer handling of sensitive physical security data will come into play.

Conditional Privacy Concept

  • Security systems that can provide an operation’s current risk status eliminate more concerns of balance between privacy and security.

Increased Automation

  • Security practitioners will begin to accept technologies that allow for more automation of their security operations, helping them do their jobs more effectively.

Smarter, Safer Cities and Buildings

  • The digital transformation of physical security will bring with it smarter cities and buildings, connected through more integrated IoT devices and sensors that observe the everyday environment to create safer, more productive places to live and work.

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