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Making Physical Security Ready for Takeoff

By September 17, 2019 October 8th, 2019 No Comments

The amount of constantly moving parts involved with an airport – from pilots and passengers to luggage and data – makes it a high-risk environment. While aviation professionals have learned to wield technology to reduce risk in complex procedures, the physical security side of the industry hasn’t had such tools. Like others, the aviation industry has managed physical security threats manually up till now.

In a recent article with ReconaSense Co-Founder Clayton Brown, he discusses how recent advances in physical security technologies employing risk-adaptive responses to threats have opened up the doors to real-time intelligence, and are preventing complex and daily threats from becoming breaches.

In this article, you’ll get further insights into:

  • modern physical security challenges related to not just airports, but critical infrastructures of all types
  • how to get ahead of threats with risk-adaptive security
  • innovative technology features that are transforming the physical security industry from reactive to proactive.

Read the “Making Physical Security Ready for Takeoff” article here.

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