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Security On-the-Go

Stay Safe with On-the-Go Situational Awareness and Control

Keep campus and business from harm’s way with security alerts within an arm’s reach from ReconaSense Mobile Suite, a set of mobile applications that let you lockdown facilities in emergency situations with just a push of a button, tap into video surveillance systems and report an emergency from any location.

Keep a Watch on Safety

ReconaSense Mobile Suite stops harm as quickly as it begins and extends safety and security procedures so you can respond faster to active shooter, urgent life safety matters or other critical security measures from virtually anywhere.


Use the wearable iWatch application to arm staff and security to respond quickly and easily to active threats and initiate lockdown if an attack occurs.


Share surveillance data with first-responders and law enforcement to hasten and improve response and protecting individual privacy during daily operations.

See Something, Say Something

Empower staff to centrally manage suspicions, as well as initiate emergency response from mobile devices. Transform staff from bystanders into upstanders, so nothing slips between the cracks.


Send security response requests to employees, students and staff so they can provide safe/not safe updates and GPS locations in real time during an incident from their mobile device.


Enable employees, students to report a safety issue or emergency to your security teams or to 911 with the touch of a button.

Operational Response and Command Applications (ORCA)

Provide your teams on the ground with on-the-go situational awareness and control.