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Intelligent Access to All Markets – A Word From Our Team

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ReconaSense doesn’t need to play market favorites. I sat down with our Director of Sales and heads of federal and commercial solutions to discuss how the unique architecture of the ReconaSense platform allows it to adapt to each customer’s distinct set of security challenges, recognize potential threats, and tailor a response that is appropriate for your organization. Here’s what they had to say-

Introducing Proactive Security to All – Kevin Kolego, Sr. Director of Sales

What drew you to ReconaSense?

A couple of different things, the first is the people. The level of security industry expertise proved the direction and purpose at the time is something that I can relate to. The technology, coupled with the expertise, drew me to ReconaSense. While cliché, the technology truly hit me as “game-changing.” I think what Recon is and how the platform is uniquely positioned to help customers, clients, end-users, and integrators tackle something which has never been addressed before- our risk management.

How is ReconaSense different?

In my experience, the security industry has always been able to address the right person, the right place, and at the right time. But how do we handle hour to hour, day to day, and week to week in commercial, hospitals, schools, and agencies? They address risk from a financial perspective, but the physical security industry fell behind and didn’t face risk management soon enough. From the cyber and physical security side, the issue wasn’t previously addressed until ReconaSense came along to change it. ReconaSense came in to automatically adjust the security posture- based on events. ReconaSense views security posture based on prescribed risk. It continually looks at real-time situational awareness from moment to moment, event to event, and day-to-day. Programmed risk is defined by the end-users and can be updated and expanded as needed. Our risk assessment works like spokes on a wheel’s hub- where each spoke on the wheel represents data. ReconaSense takes programmed threats, evaluates them, and responds to them automatically to not only respond to threats but prevent them.

I’ve heard you mention our customer service before. What about it?

One thing we subscribe to is a drive for customer service. Being a small company, we position ourselves to support customers from small single offices, doctors’ offices, corporate chains, and federal agencies. We don’t just offer cutting-edge, but leading-edge software while maintaining world-class service. We have an adaptive and responsive developing team. We pride ourselves on servicing our accounts with a unique approach with hands-on responses. (“All available”) You don’t get that touch with legacy access control companies. We have a 100% customizable approach to any customer’s issues. If a client needs a specific integration or features the other guys aren’t offering, we will make it happen. The #1 most significant complaint I hear about competitors is weeks-long waiting periods to hear back on quotes, issues, or new needs. With ReconaSense, you don’t experience that level of frustration, no matter how large or small your account is- we care, and we care a lot.

Threat Scoring, Weapons Detection, and Enterprise Control for Critical Facilities – Trevor Hoselton, Director of Federal Sales

What do you like about ReconaSense?

The thing that drew me to ReconaSense is that it is super easy. You can talk to anybody. Other Access platforms don’t explore the proactive because it isn’t the status quo. Over here at ReconaSense, we’re more flexible between the client and platform. We adapt to where you need us, making our open plan and Mercury-based platform something we change as they happen and release as customers require. We’re agile and able to add capabilities as they’re needed, on an enterprise level. Everyone says security is important to them, but ReconaSense tailors your importance and needs, versus making a square peg fit into a round hole.

What would you say to a client or partner reading this right now that works on securing federal or critical facilities?

Being FICAM certified and meeting other compliance requirements puts us in a position to go beyond panel credentials. But control beyond this and between different facilities in a more comprehensive fashion. We don’t just track activity, ReconaSense acts in near real-time based on needs and threat scoring, which no one else does.

What if what is a threat to me isn’t a threat to a different client?

Everybody sees an active shooter as incredibly important, but different agencies view things such as a stolen package at a different level of threat and danger. All of these instances can show your threat score increasing or decreasing on your geospatial map across all your facilities- with no maximum building or doors on your network. Old, closed siloed systems are a thing of the past- ReconaSense future-proofs your access protocol by being Mercury based and capable of quickly growing with your agency’s needs as time goes on.

Simplifying Security in Commercial Markets – Chip Hunt, Director of Commercial Sales

What is special about ReconaSense?

The first thing would be the look and feel of the software. The ease of maneuvering through the system enables a lot of users who may not want the responsibility of access control, but it’s placed in their belt of responsibility. Often, those people aren’t as efficient and versed in computer systems, which can cause a lot of inconvenience and difficulty navigating other access control platforms. ReconaSense is, first and foremost, easy and the number of vast features it can hold surpasses siloed access control, such as risk-adaptive.

How do we match up with our competitors?

The customizable user interface is amazing. Many access control platforms approach security with it-is-what-you-get. Our platform is tile-based and allows you to customize it based on your needs and preferences. We can integrate easily with both weapons detection and visitor management. Most enterprise-level access control will integrate with third-party partners, but it can take 6-12 months. ReconaSense is much easier, and results are produced much faster- sometimes as fast as six weeks. Access control isn’t just access control, it’s physical security- protecting visitors and patrons. (Logistics and supply chain.)

You are the head of commercial sales, what is something that’s unique specifically in commercial spaces?

One of the things that’s evident is where I came from versus where I landed. The attention to detail, customer service, and the product is a key to our success in commercial markets. We focus on providing a top-notch, grade-a experience to our VARS and users. So many enterprise-level competitors have lost that focus. ReconaSense wants to rejuvenate the expectation of premium customer service not just in access control, but in the security industry. We strive to be easy to work with, help you win, and make sure you have the best experience you can possibly have. Selling is only part of the process, but it isn’t why I go into offices or form relationships. I want to make sure the experience is a good one. The better you get to know people, the easier it is to enter the arena and be allowed to visit with them. It’s about relationships and taking time to allow them to trust you and vice versa. You form those relationships over time, they don’t automatically flourish from meeting someone once. You have to offer advice and solutions, and be on call to gain their trust and prove you have their best interests in mind. I want to provide people with the best solution available.

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