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Intelligent Access Control

Award-winning access control platform that exceeds the capabilities of security management unlike any other system. Safeguard your facility with proactive strategy and threat analysis for the ultimate protection.


Intelligent Access Control

Award-winning security management platform that exceeds the capabilities of access control unlike any other system. Safeguard your facility with proactive strategy and threat analysis for the ultimate protection.

Why ReconaSense?

ReconaSense pioneers a new standard of security through advanced technology automation, simplified data analysis, enhanced user experience, and dedication to customer success. Our access control proactively mitigates threats while keeping operators at the front of mind, empowering businesses to secure before a breach occurs.

ReconaSense security automation

Security Automation

  • Streamlined operations
  • Set protocol response
  • Efficient threat analysis
ReconaSense Data Unification

Data Unification

  • System integration
  • Data points centralized
  • Situational awareness
ReconaSense Modernizes Protection

Operator Centric

  • Simplified daily use
  • Real-time analytics
  • Custom reports
ReconaSense deployment reduces costs for better ROI.

Lower Costs

  • Error reduction
  • Manual labor decrease
  • Cost-effective + ROI

Proactive Access Control for Next-Level Security

The Proof is in the Numbers

See how metrics improve across the board when ReconaSense is deployed.


Faster Alarm Classification


Doors Configured per Minute


Faster Alarm Response

Make Better Decisions, Faster

ReconaSense’s user-friendly platform evaluates data from across your enterprise to provide real-time threat intelligence, risk-based permissions and a suite of security automation capabilities – all built on a native Mercury-based physical security system. Allowing security operations to create transformative business outcomes to improve life safety.

ReconaSense Risk Level & Scoring


All available data – events, information, alerts, and alarms - from across your physical security network for complete situational awareness


All known threats – internal and external – from across your physical security network for complete threat intelligence


All relevant endpoints – building controls, access controls, user controls and guard tours – from across your physical security network for complete command, and control

Go Beyond the Legacy

Legacy systems are no longer effective at protecting modern facilities from evolving threats. ReconaSense was built to surpass such systems. With our dynamic credentialing, seamless migration, dedicated support, and higher security outcomes, we’re redefining the merit of access control.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Adaptive credentialing adjusts access based on:
• User Permissions
• Customized Watchlist
• Dynamic Compliance
• Risk Level

Seamless Migration

Making the switch is easy:
• Integrates to Existing Systems
• Easy Onboarding
• Scalability

Dedicated Support

ReconaSense specialists ready to ensure your implementation is successful:
• Security Assessment
• Personalized Training
• 24-Hour Support

Higher Security

Advanced technology for superior access control:
• FICAM Certified (APL #10131)
• Insider Threats
• Role & Context Based

Industry Partners

ReconaSense integrates with a host of trusted security providers for access control hardware and alarm integration.


In keeping with GXO’s objective of providing ‘smarter logistics for our customers at lower cost, using advanced automation’, the metal detector logic flow solution has worked exactly as designed providing fast employee throughput, with reduced guard interaction. In the short time since it was installed, it has saved countless hours of security guard manpower at this site.

Tommy NelsonSr. Director, Security at GXO Logistics, Inc.

By far the most flexible.

Fortune 100 VP of Physical Securityenjoys ability to define rules that are triggered by events from across the enterprise

Custom functionality through a standard interface.

Area VP of Petrochemicals,appreciates use of pick-list selections instead of custom scripting for integration

It's like 'Waze' for Access Control.

Industry Consultant,believes ability to automatically adjust permissions so employees avoid accessing dangerous environments is revolutionary

You solve complex everyday situations easily. I call that something special.

Legacy solutions frustrated many TWIC applicationsdue to custom nature of projects and the limited rigidity of existing solutions

1 per minute!?

Local integrator,did not believe ability to reduce configuration of Mercury controllers through software until they saw it themselves
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