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Enterprise SCIF Compliance

By June 21, 2022 June 19th, 2023 No Comments

Government facilities have an overflowing list of needs. A list long, technical, and constantly evolving. Security personnel has difficulty keeping up, and their access control providers have neither the support nor specialization to meet ever-diverse and growing security needs. One wrong move, unwarranted access, a breach, or less can disrupt critical aspects of our infrastructure on the city, state, federal, and global levels. Something so crucial with such a dire need for safety should be treated carefully, with gloves, bubble wrap, and all.

What is SCIF?
SCIF stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. A popular requirement and term among government facilities and contractors is an accredited area, room, group of rooms or installation where sensitive information is allowed to be stored, used, discussed, and processed securely. To be SCIF compliant in its most general term, procedural and physical measures prevent free access to people and information unless they have been formally briefed or authorized ahead of time. Undoubtedly, having a SCIF Room (also referred to as a red room), or a facility equipped to handle varying levels of clearance, there is an excess amount of boxes to check and requirements to meet. First are the basics, and then there is the GSA schedule outlining needs.

What Sets Us Apart
Simplify the procurement, installation, and configuration of a physical access control system [PACS] for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities [SCIF] with a ReconaSense SCIF Kit. Users can log, monitor, and respond to all events, alarms, and activity generated from access, video, and intrusion detection systems through a single intuitive interface. With ReconaSense, SCIF-in-a-box is possible and easy to implement into your facility and workflow.

Our SCIF-in-a-Box solution provides a centralized buying and integration process that is compliant, easy, and made to fit your needs. Save time and money by working with a company willing to craft the particular integrations essential for your facility strategy to run smoothly. The engineering team knows our product inside and out and are industry experts. Our support team follows you through the entire process and works alongside you to get your facility and staff trained and up and running. Read our SCIF datasheet.

Proactive, Intelligent Security
Let your access control adjust and take action for you – proactively. When threats arise, federal and local security operators should be able to rely on their PACS not just to alert them, but act automatically based on custom-implemented security procedures, no matter how complex or straightforward the risk. ReconaSense takes in intelligent security data from all angles across site locations and prevents that risk from moving forward.

Human interference is for setting perimeters and rules and handling a live situation. Allow your software to track users, movement, population counting, weapons detection, and more according to your needs. Incorporate a layered security approach to handle your needs like how you drive – green for go, yellow for slow, red for stop.

Our Credentials
Our FICAM-certified solution [APL #10131] exceeds government regulations for HSPD-12, FIPS 201, ICD705, UL1076, UL294, and FIPS 140-2 and is the first to introduce risk-adaptive capabilities.

By leveraging the HID pivCLASS® solution, the ReconaSense framework directly integrates the HID pivCLASS® authentication module (PAM) technology into the Mercury Security LP4502 controller. The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) validation certificate is embedded in the controller and occurs in real time when a credential is presented to the reader. ReconaSense supports up to 16 FICAM readers per LP4502 by using the two reader ports on the LP4502 and up to 14 additional PIV readers via downstream devices using the MSC sub-controllers.

About ReconaSense
Harnessing the power of real-time data processing and military-grade physical access control, ReconaSense provides the only risk-adaptive protection for enterprise security management. These tools provide the industry with the building blocks and automation services to enable ‘Smart Building’ functionality with existing resources. We are an American company based in Austin, TX, supported by Veterans with various installations in numerous government facilities and retail locations. Want to schedule a private demo or have questions? Contact us and we will reach out shortly.