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ReconaSense Named New Product of the Year, World’s First Proactive Physical Security Platform

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August 22, 2017

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) August 22, 2017

ReconaSense®, the world’s first unified physical security platform featuring data normalization and real-time analysis, was named New Product of the Year by Security Today magazine. The award program honors the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security. More than 100 entries were received in the ninth successful year of the independently juried contest.

With a foundation of access control, ReconaSense automates the detection of complex events to ensure procedural compliance, and empowers your security team to consistently stay one step ahead of threats. Once sensors speak the common ReconaSense language, both known and unknown threats are detected and managed. And unlike Physical Security Information Systems (PSIM)-based solutions, ReconaSense is a native controls solution, so operators are aware and in command of their environment.

“We are honored to receive this recognition as our team has built a unique product that is designed to meet the demands of the future of physical security. The time is right to change the game, and we believe our software is the answer that security professionals need to finally have the power to mitigate security threats before they happen,” said John Carter, president and chief technology officer of ReconaSense.

ReconaSense, a sister company of Smarter Security, can significantly mitigate the severity of incidents, and directly reduce an organization’s costs for incident response and employee turnover. By automatically detecting early warnings of incidents, the level of security is constant, regardless of operator experience.

ReconaSense core platform features:

  • Intelligent: Find known patterns and discover unknown suspicions with a new level of information.
  • Future Proof: Compatible with proven legacy systems, as well as modern Internet of Things and Big Data systems.
  • IT-Preferred: Modern, secure, and flexible architecture aligns IT demands with security requirements.
  • Native Controls: Operators are both aware and in control of any security event by integrating diverse technology with native controls.
  • Software Upgrade: Eliminate costly new controllers and integration, while modernizing your security system.

Other features of the ReconaSense architecture:

  • Raw, Real-time Data: Translates low-level communications to feed high-level data models.
  • IT/OT Convergence: Facilitate cooperation between departments with a unified platform that combines inputs and outputs from both operations.
  • User-defined: Manage and view any part of an operation based on user preferences, privileges and location. Admins can easily update rules as the environment changes or new technology is added.
  • Embedded Fault-tolerance: Avoid redundant servers and costly clustering for enterprise-wide fail-over solution.
  • IoT Architected: ReconaSense was born in IoT and provides a platform that incorporates any edge device as an input or output.
  • Provides “Sandbox” for Integrators: Enables integrators to support their key customers who must maintain specialized or legacy solutions with tools for custom driver development.

About ReconaSense

ReconaSense is the 7th generation of military-grade, physical security technology that delivers actionable intelligence and is built by our highly experienced team of technologists, engineers, and product experts. Eliminating distraction and empowering decisive action, ReconaSense takes access control and situational awareness to the next level by elegantly managing the convergence of cyber and physical security. Designed on the most flexible architecture and built for the Internet of Things, the ReconaSense platform is built to bring legacy systems up to speed with the data-driven future. The platform also features a patented Adaptive Security Network for Anomalous Event Detection. ReconaSense is a sister company of Smarter Security, America’s leading provider of IP speed gates. For more information about ReconaSense, based in Austin, Texas, Email, or call (512) 220-2010.