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ReconaSense Introduces World’s First Situational Awareness Platform Providing Real-time Analysis, Including IoT Integration

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April 5, 2017

ReconaSense Introduces World’s First Situational Awareness Platform
Providing Real-time Analysis, Including IoT Integration

AUSTIN, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada  (April 5, 2017)  The world’s first proactive, situational awareness platform featuring the tools to perform real-time analysis – including inputs from Internet of Things (IoT) devices – will be unveiled and demonstrated today by ReconaSense at the International Security Conference & Exhibition (ISC West) in Las Vegas at booth no. 8099. Unlike Physical Security Information Systems (PSIM)-based solutions, ReconaSense is a complete native controls solution. Featuring access control and video analytics, ReconaSense converts diverse data from many disparate sensors, including from IoT, into actionable intelligence, allowing security teams to stop threats before they become incidents. ReconaSense also monitors what matters most, filtering out noise that distracts intelligent decision making. ReconaSense is a sister company of Smarter Security, America’s leading provider of IP speed gates.

“Our mission is to help make the world a safer place by providing security professionals the ability to quickly identify and mitigate security threats before they happen,” said John Carter, president and chief technology officer of ReconaSense. “It’s impossible and unrealistic to expect security teams to quickly, effectively, and consistently analyze massive amounts of data from different systems and then to mitigate physical security threats real-time. Our solution addresses this issue head on. The ReconaSense platform is intelligent, versatile, and adaptable, giving security teams a powerful, effective means to make prompt, informed decisions.”

The ReconaSense core platform features:

  • Real-time Context: Provides a full picture of a dynamic security ecosystem by integrating diverse security systems and sensors into a single, simple, actionable user interface.
  • User-defined: Control alert settings and prescribed responses to apply standards across operators and sites, in addition to site-specific needs. Admins can easily update rules as the environment changes or new systems are added.
  • Future-proof: Upgrading doesn’t require new controllers, eliminating costly new hardware and complicated integration. The platform is built for the IoT and compatible with legacy systems.
  • IT-preferred: ReconaSense is aligned with IT needs for modern, secure, and flexible architecture. It’s designed to work with legacy systems, modern software, and technologies that don’t even exist yet.

ReconaSense can significantly mitigate the severity of incidents, and directly reduce an organization’s costs for incident response, all forms of mitigation, risk premiums and payouts, and intelligence loss due to employee turnover.

Other features of the ReconaSense architecture:

  • Native Controls Solution: Core includes a complete native controls solution unlike PSIM-based solutions
  • Process Raw, Real-time Data: Translates low-level communications and feeds high-level data models
  • Comprehensive: Evaluates all sensor and system data and filters it through security policy models looking for anomalous events, other solutions merely pass through sub-system policy breaches
  • Fault-tolerant Across the Cloud: Cloud-architected and provides an enterprise-wide system fail-over solution unlike any other in the industry
  • Physical and Cyber Convergence: Provides unique and practical tools including physical credential or biometric sign on and network device sniffers
  • Built for the IoT: ReconaSense was born in IoT and provides a platform that incorporates IoT appliances as input sensors and control devices
  • Provides “Sandbox” for Integrators: Enables integrators to support their key customers who must maintain specialized or legacy solutions with tools for custom driver development

“In essence, the platform is the first of its kind to not only manage all of the diverse inputs of a security system, but to actually make sense of it all then present it very quickly in a way that staff will easily know what to do,” added Carter. “In many cases, time and making the right decision are paramount to thwarting security breaches. Lost time and mistakes can make a bad situation worse and bring more harm to an organization.”

MEDIA ATTENDING ISC WEST:  ReconaSense executives are available for interviews and product demonstrations at the show, at booth no. 8099.  Availability is Wednesday, April 5, 10 am-3:30 p.m.; Thursday, April 6, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; and Friday, April 7, from 10 a.m.-3 pm. At the ReconaSense booth, please ask for John Carter, president and CTO, or Clayton Brown, product manager. Your ReconaSense media contact at the show is Kirsten Matetich, vice president of marketing, who can be reached at mobile (512) 484-8693.

About ReconaSense

ReconaSense is the 7th generation of military-grade, physical security technology that delivers actionable intelligence and is built by our highly experienced team of technologists, engineers, product experts, and data scientists. Eliminating distraction and empowering decisive action, ReconaSense takes access control and situational awareness to the next level by elegantly managing the convergence of cyber and physical security. Designed on the most flexible architecture and built for the Internet of Things, the ReconaSense platform is built to bring legacy systems up to speed with the data-driven future. The platform also features a patented Adaptive Security Network for Anomalous Event Detection. ReconaSense is a sister company of Smarter Security, America’s leading provider of IP speed gates. For more information about ReconaSense, based in Austin, Texas, visit Email, or call (512) 220-2010.