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ReconaSense and EAGL Technology Join Forces to Improve Emergency Response Management for Active Shooter Situations

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April 4, 2019

Innovative Sensor Technology Integrates with Risk-Adaptive Access Control and Security Intelligence Platform to Proactively Mitigate Threats and Improve Life Safety

ISC West
LasVegas, NV
ReconaSense Booth #33091

AUSTIN, Texas and LAS VEGAS, Nevada — April 4, 2019

ReconaSense, a leading provider of innovative physical security intelligence and next-gen access control, today announced a strategic alliance with EAGL Technology LLC, a leader in ballistic detection and sensor technology, to provide a more proactive, intelligent approach to emergency management before, during and after an active shooter event.

Active shooter events are increasing in frequency and affecting many industry segments. Research indicates that for active shooter events where law enforcement response times were minimized, casualties were dramatically decreased. The integration between ReconaSense and EAGL provides a tightly integrated security solution that shares information with the right people at the right time, while also performing intelligent lock-down protocols – all within seconds of threat detection.

For any campus, concert venue, office building, stadium, airport or other public venue, an active shooter entering the premises can be difficult to predict or prevent. However, when EAGL’s Firefly® and DragonflyTM ballistic sensors send signals to ReconaSense’s AI-based security and risk intelligence platform, threats and emergency situations are easier to detect and predict, response times are faster and more accurate, and overall life safety is improved.

How the Integration Works
EAGL detects gunfire both inside and outside a building, and works in sync with automatic door locks, access control, surveillance systems, paging and notification solutions to track a shooter and respond to an incident in a timely manner. These capabilities complement ReconaSense and its security and risk intelligence center. In addition, EAGL can send a command to ReconAccess for dynamic physical access control and automatic lockdown.

The Recon platform integrates disparate information across multiple systems – including ballistics sensors, surveillance cameras, mass notification, muster applications, facial recognition and more – in order to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence into any command and control environment. This helps identify a shooter’s location in relation to affected parties and facilities as events unfold. ReconCommander can also share information and video with first responders and security teams on a mobile device to help locate and mitigate the risk immediately.

Through the seamless integration of the EAGL Firefly and Dragonfly ballistic detection products, organizations can minimize injuries and casualties with faster response strategies, actionable guidance, integrated lockdowns and first responder communications. Further, ReconaSense can integrate with additional systems and data such as social media feeds, building automation systems, drones and more, helping to prevent tragic events altogether with a risk-based approach to anomaly detection and alerts.

The integration of risk-adaptive access control and security intelligence from ReconaSense with gunshot detection and lockdown automation from EAGL provides the following functionality:

  • Faster Response Times: Most active shooter events are over in less than 5 minutes – rapid identification and notification is key to faster action
  • Better Quality of Response: Real-time visibility into on-site surveillance and facility activity and actional guidance based on security intelligence ensures proper protocols will be followed
  • Suspect Identification: Integrate video analytics, license plate recognition and other systems to identify unknown individuals and relevant information that may lead to the suspect
  • Bi-Directional Mass Notification: Mobile app allows remote check-in with GPS location
  • Safety-Enhanced Lockdown: Prohibit shooter from progressing through an area while opening the path to safety for victims and potential targets

“We are excited to work together with EAGL and their innovative sensor technology. By automating the immediate lockdown inside an affected area and communicating actionable intelligence to the appropriate responders, we can significantly reduce the amount of potential loss from an active shooter incident,” said John Carter, co-founder, president and CTO of ReconaSense. “The physical security market is ready for more proactive, integrated security solutions and this alliance further simplifies safety and unifies security for the greater good.”

“Physical security needs a more intelligent approach to emergency management, but the intelligence needs to be real-time,” said Boaz Raz, CEO of EAGL Technology. “The fusion of ReconaSense and EAGL solutions allows real-time, intelligent responses to active shooter situations for campuses and city-wide implementation.”

ReconaSense will be on-hand at the ISC West Connected Security Expo to demonstrate the benefits of this integration. Visit booth #33091 to learn more.

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