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Proactive Security for Active Shooter Situations

By August 5, 2019 No Comments
proactive security - active shooter

Active shooters and getting proactive about campus security continues to be a major concern and schools are looking for ways to combat this complex issue. In a recent article from ReconaSense co-founder Clayton Brown, he discusses how having a proactive and risk-adaptive security strategy just might be the solution.

Through advanced video analytics and other technology stacks that provide visibility into the events as they happen, campuses have improved their ability to get eyes on active shooter situations. And while they are important elements of campus security, they only allow for security teams to react as the event is happening or after the event occurred. They do little, if anything, to predict or warn of a potential threat.

Learn how combining these technologies with an AI-powered, risk-adaptive, and intelligent security system opens up a sixth sense, allowing a security team to act proactively rather than reactively to the situation through features such as:

  • Real-time, actionable security alerts
  • Automatic lock-downs
  • Automatic notifications to authorities of a dangerous suspect

You’ll gain further insights on how the following can help prevent a campus security crisis:

  • Keeping the human in-the-loop
  • Working together as a community
  • Building lockdown with one-touch
  • Intelligent access control
  • Actionable guidance with security technology

Read the “Proactive Security for Active Shooter Situations” article here.

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