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What exactly does an insider threat look like? We certainly do not want you to find out first hand.

One of the most notorious hacks that reached international attention was the 2014 Sony breach. Sony was set to release their movie, The Interview, in theaters until hackers took control and completely intercepted their cinematic premiere.

The impact was irreversible. The hacker group, called “Guardians of Peace,” stole terabytes of private data, deleted original content from Sony computers, and leaked embarrassing internal dialogue from employee chats. The hackers used the information obtained to threaten Sony into obeying their orders and halt the release of their movie.

How exactly did a foreign group infiltrate a powerful company such as Sony Pictures Entertainment?

Investigators believe at least one disgruntled Sony employee connected with the hacktivist group prior to the incident. This system administrator had an extensive technical background and knowledge of Sony’s systems. The employee was instrumental in the operation to invade internal tools and gain access to resources needed in order to infiltrate the entertainment giant.

Insider threats are a very real scenario that can turn a company upside-down in an instant. According to Tech Jury, breaches are statistically more likely to occur with the help of someone on the inside than from an outsider without access. Now, this is not to say everyone has malicious intent. However, regardless of trainings and practice, employees are susceptible to being deceived, many times stemming from “politeness pressure.”


We have this saying around here, “after is too late.” 

ReconaSense tackles this delicate challenge by implementing adaptive, automatic building security. When a risk is detected, our system will raise the entry requirements needed to gain access.

A camera goes down at the office? Our system will now require an employee pin for clearance.

A single badge was scanned twice at the same door? Our system will deny entry as it is set to prevent pass-backs.

These are just a couple examples of how our system will adapt to your environment and risk levels. ReconaSense is an automatic system that resolves the element of human error, a super power in protecting your essentials. Having a system in place to combat insider threats make all the difference- So you don’t have to pick up the pieces of an aftermath, or become an unfortunate case study like Sony.