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How do you prevent a Passback Entry?
Someone who is intentionally trying to enter your building is going to think of every route possible to bypass your system. We have thorough safeguards installed, but what happens when an intruder is using a real employee key?

A “passback” is when someone uses their key card to badge in, then passes it to a second person to gain the same access to a private location.

The most discrete way a person can gain unnoticed access to your building is by using someone else’s valid credentials— Until now.

Imagine this.
An office imposes a shortened entry list after learning of recent theft of essential equipment. Only managers and employees during their scheduled shift are allowed to enter a particular lab.

Today is a normal day for Sam as he returns to his routine lab shift. However, he is approached by a person he sees around the office often. This colleague appears to be slightly frantic, but focused and convincing. He states that he’s late to pick up his kids from school and just needs to grab his keys from the lab. No big deal, right? Sam analyzes the situation. As the Good Samaritan he is, Sam re-scans his badge to let this “colleague” in. Little did Sam know, this is the ex-employee who would soon be discovered as the culprit going back for another valuable steal.


Anti-Passback Meets ReconaSense
Regardless of industry, securing confidential resources and physical assets takes precedence in operations. It only takes one person with ill intent to compromise years of work you’ve invested in.

So, how do we solve the problem of security through valid badge-ins? ReconaSense applies comprehensive strategies for various Passback situations.


How it Works
We start by defining the access area and applying parameters that should be considered in your environment. Our security management platform prevents cardholders from passing their access card to individuals behind them in several ways.

  1. When a user badges in, we can require them to be “in” the correct area when presenting the card for authorization. An incorrect area will be denied access, and the system will now know to decline this card used on all other readers, regardless of area.
  2. We can prevent a card being presented out of sequence. Once the user badges in and opens the door, our system knows where they are. Using the same badge to enter a room this person is supposedly in already will be denied.
  3. If there is no reader to monitor who leaves an area, we can apply a time interval for card entries. Once a user badges in, that card cannot be used again at this reader until the specified time interval has passed.
  4. A combination of different anti-passback modes can also be applied together. This allows stricter security management, or more relaxed rules when you need.

Let your security needs lean on us.
Remove human error and allow our intelligent security management system have your back. In our case with Good Samaritan Sam, the system would have immediately detected the re-badge and declined entry to the intruder. Those irreplaceable assets— Saved!

Don’t let your company fall in the wrong hands by failing to secure your access control. Passback is as common as a festival attendee sharing their wristband with a friend to a sold out show. If kids can think it, anyone else can and has before too.

Our interface makes it easy to change parameters as you need, or can auto-lock from our proactive detection features. When stakes are higher, ReconaSense makes all the difference.