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From Reactive to Proactive: 2019 State of Physical Security Industry

By September 26, 2019 February 1st, 2022 No Comments
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The physical security industry is entering a revolutionary phase that will drive practitioners to rethink what’s possible, redefine goals, and subscribe to new paths toward success.

According to D6 Research, through years of focused improvements, InfoSec has raised visibility and support for security internally by demonstrating measurable risk reduction, business impact, and return on value (ROV).

As a result, they’ve changed the conversations and expectations of their management. Meanwhile, physical security has operated as a silo. While this has traditionally afforded them more autonomy, increasingly it’s becoming a liability. Physical security has failed to overcome perceptions of being a cost center, making it difficult to secure funding and gain executive support for modernization projects.

Join ReconaSense for this eye-opening webinar with Terry Gold, Principal Analyst of D6 Research, as he reveals key findings from the Annual Physical Security Industry Assessment Report. Gold will discuss organizational pressures, limitations of mainstream approaches, and recommendations on how to get ahead of what’s to come.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to achieve and demonstrate a security program’s value
  • How to more effectively measure and validate key contributions
  • Move from a forensic view of security to a proactive and predictive model
  • How ReconaSense is enabling companies to evolve their physical security to a more modern, risk-adaptive infrastructure

About Our Presenters:

Terry Gold is the principal analyst at D6 Research, a vendor neutral analyst firm specializing in the intersection of cyber and physical security, where he drives the research pipeline and methodology.

Clayton Brown is Co-Founder & VP at ReconaSense, helping the next-generation of security practitioners solve issues surrounding data interoperability, access control and intelligent data.


Terry Gold
Principle Analyst, D6 Research

Clayton Brown
Executive Vice President, ReconaSense