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In the ever-evolving landscape of security technology, innovations continue to push the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible. One innovation that has been making waves is ReconaSense, a cutting-edge security intelligence access control platform that seamlessly combines security and data to provide unparalleled situational awareness. Recently, ReconaSense experts had the honor of speaking at GovSummit, a prestigious event that brings together government and industry leaders to discuss the latest advancements in security technology.

GovSummit: The Nation’s Premier Government Security Conference Connecting Government, Security and Technology
Hosted by the Security Industry Association, GovSummit is a yearly event that takes place at the nation’s capital in Washington D.C. The event fosters collaboration and innovation in an increasingly complex security landscape specific to the government level. A gathering of security thought leaders for top-quality information sharing and education on the topics that matter most to federal, state and local agencies.

ReconaSense Speaking Engagement
ReconaSense’s presence at GovSummit generated significant buzz, as their unique approach to security intelligence has garnered attention and acclaim in recent years. In their speaking engagement, Enhancing Situational Awareness and Managing Risks: The Importance of Risk Assessment and Automated Procedures for Physical Security in Government Agencies, attendees were able to hear directly from ReconaSense President and CTO, John Carter, and Senior Director, Kevin Kolego, as they shed light on the future of security.

Key Highlights from the ReconaSense Presentation:

1. Risk Management is Critical for Government Operations
Closing the opportunity for risk is necessary to effectively prevent threats. This requires being able to identify and assess risk. As Kolego explains, “risk assessment is the process of identifying and evaluating potential hazards and threats that could impact the agency’s operations. This includes evaluating the likelihood and potential impact of a wide range of risks, including natural disasters, cyber attacks, and physical security breaches.” Identifying these risks in advance can help agencies take steps to mitigate or prevent them from occurring.

2.  Automated Procedures Help Mitigate Risk
Now that we’ve identified the necessity of risk management, what action should follow? Automation is the power up that goes hand in hand with risk assessment in physical security. Automated procedure can streamline protocol, reduce incident response time, and decrease the risk of human error. These procedures involve the use of technology, such as security cameras and access control systems, to enhance the agency’s ability to detect breaches. “One of the key benefits of automated procedures for physical security is that they can increase situational awareness by providing real-time data about the agency’s operations. This data can be used to identify potential security breaches or hazards and take action to mitigate or prevent them from occurring. For example, access control systems can be programmed to automatically lock certain areas of the facility when a security breach is detected, rather than relying on a human security guard to manually lock the door. This can help to minimize the risk of a security breach and increase the agency’s overall level of security.”

Kevin Kolego, Senior Director, and John Carter, President and CTO, presenting on behalf of ReconaSense at GovSummit

3. Utilize Data to make Informed Decisions
While automated procedure is an effective tool, it is not a substitute for human judgement and decision making. Even so, this technology equips the operator with the vital information in order to respond effectively with accuracy and speed. Carter and Kolego advise human operators must be trained to interpret real-time data generated by automated systems to make informed decisions about how to respond to potential security breaches. Developing a comprehensive emergency response plan can minimize the impact of an emergency situation and ensure the agency is prepared to respond. Conducting regular security audits and review can also help identify potential vulnerabilities and take steps to address them.

As ReconaSense showcased their groundbreaking access control platform that provides risk assessment, automation, and easy data analysis, the team shared key strategies to heighten government security to modern day challenges. These considerations will help mitigate risk and assist security professionals to act faster with better accuracy, ensuring the safety of both employees and the general public.


Team members at GovSummit booth presenting ReconaSense access control platform