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Risk-Adaptive Access Control

Modernize Access Control with an Intelligent, Risk-Adaptive Approach

Change the game of physical access control and significantly improve life safety while minimizing risk to the organization.

The award-winning physical access control system ReconAccess is delivering new levels of intelligent insights, risk adaptability and system interoperability.

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Risk comes in all shapes and sizes.

So shouldn’t your access control be able to respond uniquely to each one?

As a security professional, you’re in the business of managing and preventing complex threats emerging from all directions, every day. Equipping your organization with modern and intelligent access control ensures secured identity and mitigates threats.

A simple checklist of five steps can help evaluate if your access control is doing enough to protect what matters most or if it’s time to rethink your access control:

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A Smarter Control for Physical Access

ReconAccess manages and monitors every potential entry point using the industry’s first artificial neural network (ANN) to assess activity on both sides of the door, allowing only authorized users access to your enterprise operations.


Intelligent Access Control

Characterize activity and incoming data to identify patterns and recognize certain conditions that increase the threat to a facility and to the people inside the facility.


Risk-Adaptive Security

Go beyond static, role-based access control. Automatically assess variables and deviations from normal behavior and environments in real-time before allowing access to critical facilities.


Real-Time Protection

Make on-the-spot decisions based on security data analyzed in real-time through our artificial neural network to provide answers in seconds, not minutes.


Preemptive Access Control

Permit or deny access based on individual attributes, identify suspicious activity outside and inside, and initiate emergency lockdown with the touch of a button using the ReconMobile app.

Time to Modernize Your Access Control?

Are you struggling to keep a legacy physical access control system (PACS) secure, compliant and affordable? To be effective, modern access control must be integrated, proactive, and dynamic.

Whether you are securing a single door or hundreds of new facilities, it’s time to modernize access control. It’s possible to transform your existing access control system without undergoing a painful, slow and expensive “rip and replace” effort.

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