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Security Integration Platform

Unify Security Data Across All Access Points with a Single AI-Enhanced Platform

Seamlessly integrate, control and analyze all security inputs from virtually any source with Recon, the unification platform that simplifies safety for the people and property in your business, institution or facility.

Transform Data into Decision

Engineered to deliver intelligent control and proactive intelligence, Recon provides the physical security platform that unifies your entire security infrastructure for lower total cost of ownership, rapid deployment and end user convenience.

Common Language

Normalize and centralize logs, videos, data or other files from diverse systems with a common language for visibility across all systems, devices and applications.

Unified Operations

Simplify collaboration with industry-leading security solutions, building automation systems, enterprise applications, IoT sensors, video systems and big data storage.

Real-Time Analysis

Break down siloes between monitoring and alerting systems with risk and policy models derived from data security analytics engines to transform disparate data into real-time response.

Singular Interface

Deliver a more intelligent view into security operations and manage multiple technologies across your entire operation through a single, unified user-customizable interface.

RECON Integrates All Your Data into Actionable Intelligence

The more inputs operators monitor simultaneously, the more safety responsiveness plummets. Recon makes sense of data with machine learning and artificial intelligence to focus attention on possible threats.

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