Here are a few ways our customers are using our tools to improve their physical security.

Insider Threat

Most departments worry about natural disasters and accidents, not internal or reactive adversaries, who can observe the security system and adjust plans accordingly. Advanced access control detects suspicious access activity with real-time statistical analysis, giving operators a tool to proactively fight Insider Threats for the first time.

intelligent command-center

Intelligent Command Center

Existing platforms aggregate data, but fail to connect the dots, leaving operators responsible for watching everything and doing the right thing – all in real-time. To eliminate error and increase security, ReconaSense fights information overload so operators receive an intelligent notification rather than multiple alerts from diverse systems.

Active Shooter Mitigation

School violence has too frequently been a headline. Finally, technology can empower a campus to automatically detect ‘people of interest’ as they approach a facility, so campuses can respond proactively before the threat becomes a catastrophe.


Multi-Vector Attack

Attackers generally look for the path of least resistance; that might be a digital gateway or a front door. Our interoperable architecture allows simple integration between physical and virtual security tools, empowering enterprises to measure and manage risk comprehensively and proactively for the first time.

Advanced Building Automation

As more smart meters join enterprise networks, the available data is valuable, yet drastically underutilized. When combined with security systems and other facility-related data, decision-makers and facility managers can simultaneously improve operational efficiencies and security.


Operational Efficiencies

Improve operational efficiencies by reducing call center traffic in situations that are frequent, but not urgent. User-defined interface allows flexible use of communications, sensors and controls to simultaneously improve daily operations and physical security postures.


Organizations normally have competing goals, with compliance not being number one. Inadvertently, this means rules get broken to increase productivity, meet a deadline or avoid inconvenience. Automate the compliance of regulatory or corporate policy, limiting the potential damage available to careless or malevolent actors.


Integrated Guard

Suspicious events are frequently noticed, rarely documented, and almost always forgotten. Guards need a technology to record every event or potential threat, from wherever, whenever, in order to become proactive. Give your operation the flexibility to maintain awareness and control with the ultimate ‘See and Say’ application, designed for mobile phones and smart watches.

Organized Crime

Everyone leaves a footprint.

Don’t let criminals have the edge. Fight fire with fire and give your security team the ability to detect organized crime across facilities. By logging the sensor activity surrounding a breach, this signature can be saved and distributed to sites that may not have been attacked yet. ReconaSense helps avoid repeat crime by detecting known suspicious behaviors across various security technologies.

Organized Crime
Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Prevent human hacking.

Physical attacks might seem like a bigger threat, but someone hacking your employees and facilities can be just as dangerous. The discipline of social engineering has grown faster than our defenses against it. With ReconaSense, you can fuse data from different systems and unique sensors to drastically reduce the likelihood of a breach.

Privacy Compliance

Physical security shouldn’t be a virtual threat.

Today we share data with more people in more places than ever before. With millions of identities and dollars at stake, every physical access point is a vulnerability—exactly what many criminals look for. Ensure your physical security doesn’t become a virtual liability with ReconaSense.

Privacy compliance
Loss prevention

Loss Prevention

Reduce risk across your logistics network.

Retail environments have unique security challenges. While omni-channel retail adds opportunity, it also complicates processes. ReconaSense helps manage the fluctuation and variation between facilities, employees, customers, and assets in real-time, by notifying operators of events that matter most.

High Security

Expect the unexpected.

The more critical a facility, the more granularity and accountability is required. ReconaSense provides actionable intelligence from diverse data across any operation, providing primary analysis or secondary verification at any level.

High security
Case management

Case Management

Different locations, consistent detection.

When events occur simultaneously around the world, managing cases in real-time can be a challenge. ReconaSense provides a common centralized interface that drives cooperation across your organization, by providing case management across facilities, geographies, operators, and technologies.

Social Media

Get ahead of the headlines.

Today, news travels faster than ever. Cell phones are the new press badge, giving everyone the power to harm or help at the speed of a tap. Harness the power of social media to give your security team a heads-up on potential incidents and expand your operation’s situational awareness.

Social media
Perimeter intrusion

Perimeter Intrusion

Know sooner, not later.

The more layers of protection, the more awareness. The sooner you know, the more time there is to prepare and avoid instinctual reactions. Whether the sensor is at the perimeter or in your hub, ReconaSense fuses data so you know sooner—not later.

Asset Protection

The next dimension of access control.

As connectivity increases and assets become services, knowing who had what and when is increasingly important. Whether managing a shared asset, retrieving a shipment, or keeping track of inventory, increased transparency and control are critical. With more moving parts than ever, organizations need to know the location and status of every asset in real-time—and with ReconaSense, you can.

Asset protection


Eyes in the back of your head.

On a campus or in a building, there are always unknowns—but even unknowns have patterns. Through a variety of technologies, ReconaSense can spot repeat behaviors, monitor the habits of known guests, and alert you when an unknown might turn into a threat.

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