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Geospatial AI

Visualize Your Security Posture

Significantly improve life safety and physical security by adding a geospatial dimension to your security operations. Real-time location and security intelligence expedites safety measures to proactively mitigate the risk and impact of environmental threats.

Detect, Direct, and Deploy Security Measures

With this powerful geospatial visualization tool, you can quickly and easily view any type of incident or threat, and the affected surrounding resources. Automatically identify the fastest path to respond to any threat as conditions evolve in real-time.


Define any perimeter on a map to monitor, track, communicate with and control people and assets in a specific range including any micro, macro or global location.

Risk Forecasting

Geospatial mapping connects the dots between the location of people and physical assets, and the evolving conditions around them.

Risk-Aware Guidance

Target specific individuals and groups based on their unique role, status and location and provide GPS-directed guidance to quickly reach safety zones and avoid a threat altogether.

Remote Control

Integrate with building automation systems and access control systems, including ReconAccess, to shut down or turn on safety systems according to established safety and security protocols.

Get a Bird’s Eye View on Security

ReconMaps makes it easier and faster for campuses, smart cities and smart buildings, geographically-dispersed organizations and critical infrastructure to assess location-based risks and to make real-time security decisions.

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