Where AI Meets Physical Security


A unification platform that seamlessly integrates data, sensors and applications from security and non-security systems into actionable security intelligence.



The industry’s first risk-adaptive access control system to measure the risk of individuals, assets and environments, and adjust permissions to ensure safe interactions between people, facilities and assets.



ReconaSense offers a full suite of mobile applications for on-the-go situational awareness and control.



Gain a geospatial view of critical threats, high-risk events and your assets. Deploy commands to devices, drones, access controls, cameras and more to quickly mitigate risk.


The Recon AI Enhanced Advantage

ReconaSense offers the industry’s most advanced security and risk intelligence platform that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) on an artificial neural network (ANN) to:

  • Identify risk
  • Mitigate potential threats and attacks
  • Prevent risks before they happen

The inherent AI-enhanced predictive nature and interoperability of the ReconaSense platform delivers in real-time a unified view across your entire security infrastructure to protect cities, buildings, assets, and most importantly people and life.

ReconaSense AI-enhanced products deliver actionable intelligence readily available at your security teams’ fingertips so they can achieve unprecedented situational awareness and rapid response capabilities.

Intelligent Insights

Whatever the input, ReconaSense aggregates disparate data and incorporates AI to detect anomalous events. By analyzing and filtering ever-changing risk factors, security teams stay focused on what’s important with intelligent surveillance that

  • Detects complex relationships or unknown suspicions
  • Manages risks prevention across the enterprise
  • Recommends critical security measures in real-time

Risk Adaptive: Proactive and Flexible

ReconaSense risk-adaptive access control systems measure the potential threat of individuals, assets and environments, responds to potential threats with the appropriate interventions and secures access to any door in your environment from any device and

  • Analyzes suspicious behavior
  • Combats internal threats quickly
  • Adjusts risk levels and access permissions automatically

Integrated Data: A Common Language

ReconaSense makes sense of every data point by seamlessly integrating all security information into a common language, using a data engine and security analytics to transform vast amounts of real-time data into actionable security and risk-avoidance awareness that

  • Breaks down data-security silos
  • Simplifies collaboration
  • Normalizes log files from diverse systems