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The Role of AI in Physical Security for Critical Infrastructure

By October 2, 2019 October 30th, 2019 No Comments
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With the recent digital transformation of security infrastructures involving a mix of technology adoptions, critical infrastructures need to be able to leverage incoming data for improved life safety, reduced risk and quick response times in emergencies.

In a recent article in World Security Report, ReconaSense Executive Vice President Clayton Brown discusses:

  • exactly what AI is and does
  • how it compares to the human thought process
  • how it analyzes security data and delivers actionable insights that directly impact life safety and risk prevention
  • how it acts to support rather than replace the human, providing real-time situational awareness

Also discussed are scenarios pinpointing where and how AI can significantly help improve life safety in a security operation:

  • Go From Video Analytics to Intelligence
  • Make Access Control Risk-Adaptive and Dynamic vs. Role-Based and Static
  • Get Ahead of Threats with Intelligence

Full article “The Role of AI in Physical Security for Critical Infrastructure” in World Security Report, page 12 here. 

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