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Sensing Danger in 2020

By December 3, 2019 No Comments

With the influx of gun-induced incidents hitting news headlines and back-and-forth in Washington on how to handle gun policy effectively, school leaders are left grappling with the everyday dilemma of how to keep their schools safe.

In the recent article “Sensing Danger in 2020”, ReconaSense Executive VP Clayton Brown sits down with Campus Security & Life Safety magazine to lay out how AI-powered physical security technologies can make school leaders proactive and help improve student life safety today. In the process, he examines:

  • How AI functions similar to a human brain.
    • Just as a human brain uses its six senses to detect and identify features in the environment, AI’s “neural network sensors” – cameras, access control systems, big data, etc. – collect data, build patterns of behavior, identify risk within those patterns, and relay this information back to the human.
  • How AI provides real-time situational awareness to human personnel
    • Once AI detects the event, it notifies human personnel if the event equals risk to provide true real-time situational awareness at all times.
  • Addressing active shooter threats
    • The current state of school safety and government intervention
  • Current AI-powered weapon and environmental hazard detection technologies
    • Weapon and chemical detection that is discreet and passive
  • How AI transforms analytics into preventive action
    • From notifying police instantly with streamed surveillance to first responders, to automatically adjusting permissions and initiating emergency lockdown procedures
  • Improving mustering for students and first responders
    • Sharing student safety statuses and providing updates on the risk status of a threat
  • Maintaining student privacy with AI-based security management
    • New AI-powered security platforms balance student privacy with making safety of highest priority.

Read the full article here. 

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