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From Disasters to Insider Threats, AI Is Key to Securing Our Critical Infrastructure

By September 17, 2019 October 8th, 2019 No Comments
lock with chain showing physical security threat

“Critical infrastructure” isn’t a common word tossed around in the average person’s daily vocabulary. In fact, this is more commonly a government-utilized term, used to describe assets essential for the functioning of a society and economy  – hospitals, ambulances, police, military, airports, power grid and telecommunication lines, government facilities – and much more. They provide us with clean water, safety, food, and energy.

Many of us forget about these essential structures and facilities until an event occurs, such as a natural disaster or a some kind of incident.

In a recent article with ReconaSense CTO John Carter, he weighs in on the state of physical security within our nation’s critical infrastructures, and how they can benefit from the technology available today – technology that can help save lives.

Topics discussed include:

  • How legacy technology can’t keep up with modern challenges
  • How intelligence and adaptivity can be  wielded to defend against critical threats including but not limited to:
    • weather threats
    • insider threats
    • cyberterrorism threats

Read the “From Disasters to Insider Threats, AI Is Key to Securing Our Critical Infrastructure” article here.

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