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Features Geospatial AI Capabilities to Enable Geofencing

By October 4, 2019 October 30th, 2019 No Comments

The latest release of ReconaSense’s latest Risk-Adaptive Security & Access Control delivers proactive, intelligent and geospatial physical security. The system unifies typically siloed data from security systems, cameras, IoT devices, sensors and building automation systems to provide a common operating picture and risk intelligence. With technology that identifies abnormal activity and adjusts risk levels in real time, ReconaSense risk-adaptive access control spots threats to life safety and overall security and can minimize risks. Its geospatial AI capabilities enable geofencing, risk-aware guidance and remote control.

ReconaSense has recently released a new feature within their risk-adaptive security and access control solution with geospatial AI capabilities. Unifying data from disparate and siloed surveillance and sensor technology, the system provides a common operating picture by translating different languages from different data sources into one common language. The latest geospatial AI feature enables geofencing, risk-aware, guidance and remote control.

Read the full news article from Security Magazine here. 

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