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Here’s the Expert Lowdown for Integrators Who Want to Raise Their AI IQ

By July 15, 2019 No Comments

John Carter, CTO of ReconaSense, sits down with Rodney Bosch of Security Sales & Integration to discuss hot topics on artificial intelligence and its impact on the physical security industry. Read the full article here.

Not only co-founder and CTO of ReconaSense, John’s vast experience within the security landscape ranges from serving as systems architect for solutions spanning federal and commercial applications, to those outside the industry as a former NASA engineer.

Some questions discussed within the article include:

  • How do you define AI for the lay person, and what should physical security integrators understand about key differences between AI and machine learning?
  • What is an example of how AI can be a critical success factor in the convergence of physical and cybersecurity?
  • In your estimation, how pervasive is the deception by some tech organizations that proclaim leveraging AI while not being clear about their products’ limits?
  • What are the negative implications of this type of deception for security integrators trying to fulfill their end customer’s security needs and goals?
  • Is there a “smell test” or some other advice you can offer security integrators to ferret out the bad apples that overpromise their supposed AI-enabled products and solutions?
  • How can AI be leveraged to help enterprises reduce false alarms? Can you give a use application example for a particular vertical market that is successfully combatting false alarms with AI?
  • Standards play an important role in the adoption, proper application and eventual fruition of particular technologies. Do AI standards need to be created/adopted to ensure the success of the AI revolution in the physical security marketplace?

Read the full article here.

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