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Geospatial AI for Physical Security – Seeing Security from a Different Vantage Point

By April 24, 2019 No Comments

Remember when you had to use a physical 2-dimensional folded map to try to find where you’re going while driving? It had obvious limitations as you likely had to stop to look at the map or rely on a passenger to navigate. And then the GPS became ubiquitous providing real-time information, and including such features as turn-by-turn guidance, ETA, restaurants and gas stations along the way, and more. It was a quantum leap in providing geospatial data. The technology has advanced even further with apps like Google Maps and Waze that reroute your travel around construction zones, heavy traffic and other road hazards by leveraging data from their users and other devices connected to the applications.

Introducing ReconMaps

Imagine if physical security had such an innovation, that provided data about not only your immediate surroundings but the interrelationships of people, physical assets and changing conditions around them. Well, such technology now exists. ReconaSense recently launched ReconMaps – a new module for our AI-powered security platform. It provides real-time adaptive decision support that enhances your security and emergency management for everyone and everything in your organization’s operational area – regardless of how big its scope or geography.

ReconMaps allows you to apply flexible geofencing based on real-time conditions and interests, and all affected entities within that area. Like a GPS mapping out the best route to take on your trip, ReconMaps automatically identifies the fastest path or route to respond to threats – and it does it in real time providing actionable intelligence. You can visualize and identify a number of variables much like highlighting the points of interest on a GPS. These include:

  • People
  • Building
  • Assets

Real-time Visibility for Better Decisions

The solution will focus on the variables most impacted by the threat. And when live video feeds are connected, you have real-time visibility in order to take action fast. In an emergency, ReconMaps helps ReconaSense send actionable guidance to the targeted individuals and groups so they can relocate to locations designated as safe.

While a GPS simply relies on a single information source for its data – a satellite. ReconMaps connects with multiple sources pulling in data from GPS, RFID and other data sources. It can map any asset defined by an organization and flag it the very moment an aberration occurs – such as a pipeline gas leak, or unauthorized vehicle approaching a no-entry zone.

With such a broad spectrum of data inputs, ReconMaps provides a comprehensive bird’s eye view that makes it easier and faster to assess risks within campuses, smart cities and buildings, and across geographically dispersed organizations.

See ReconMaps in Action

Whether it’s threatening weather that can derail traveling schedules or a threat to critical infrastructure, ReconMaps can provide real-time alerts to help divert resources, limit access and scramble security personnel to the area. It enables you to have broader coverage and to take a more intelligent, proactive response that wasn’t possible until now. ReconMaps is your new roadmap to security wherever you need it, from wherever you are. Visualize your secure future – it’s here now. Learn more about ReconMaps and let us know if you’d like to see a live demo.

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