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Finding Your Physical Security Blind Spots with AI

By April 8, 2019 January 21st, 2022 No Comments

Security infrastructures are undergoing a digital transformation with growing adoption of intelligent access control, video surveillance and analytics as well as IoT devices and sensors – generating more data to than ever before. Harnessed properly with artificial intelligence and a risk-based model, this data can be exposed and leveraged to improve life safety, minimize risk and increase operational efficiency.

Whether you’re building smart cities, smart buildings, safe campuses, or just trying to keep risk at bay, it’s time to make security smarter. With artificial intelligence and a unified platform across your environment, you can shine a light on your security blind spots.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how artificial intelligence can help:

  • Gain a unified view into risk and potential threats across your entire security environment
  • Modernize your access control with a risk-adaptive approach to security
  • Get ahead of attacks with predictive insights and actionable remediation guidance
  • Improve compliance with security policies and proactively enforce proper security controls


Melanie Sommer
VP Marketing, ReconaSense

Clayton Brown
Co-Founder, ReconaSense

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