Achieving Proactive Security with Risk-Adaptive Access Control

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Today’s enterprise faces increasingly sophisticated threats, from both inside and outside the organization. Done properly, physical access control systems (PACS) securely enable the flow of people, business and productivity – while keeping risks at bay and improving life safety. Unfortunately, legacy access control systems cannot keep up with the pace of the digital transformation.

To be effective, modern access control must be integrated, proactive, and dynamic. Whether you’re securing the doors across a single facility or hundreds of access points in a complex new facility, now is the time to modernize your access control strategy with a risk-adaptive approach.

View our on-demand webinar with our very own Executive Vice President, Clayton Brown, to learn how to:

  • Minimize threat impact with risk scoring and security intelligence
  • Detect abnormal access control system activity
  • Adjust access permissions in real time as situations evolve
  • Improve life safety and meet access control compliance requirements
  • Effectively integrate PACS with the rest of your security infrastructure


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Clayton Brown
Executive Vice President, ReconaSense

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