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5 Key Capabilities of a Physical Security System with AI

By March 4, 2019 October 30th, 2019 No Comments

In our last blog post, we covered what artificial intelligence (AI) is and what it can do for physical security. Now, we will examine they key capabilities of an AI-enabled security system. We will take a look at the five ways it works to deliver proactive, predictive security, and to provide actionable intelligence for minimized risk, improved life safety and maximized security.

Let’s get started!

An AI-based security system is essentially the brain within the body of your security infrastructure; in other words, it’s the command center where all data and sensory input feed into an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for real-time analytical processing of data. The ANN examines and analyzes events, activity and identifies what it knows to be a risk. When it identifies a high-risk situation, it can take action and alert your team to mitigate the risk. It can also receive input and direction from the team to learn and adapt going forward. Unlike basic analytics and human security guards, an AI security system looks at thousands points of data and applies the learning it’s amassed over time; and it does this in a matter of seconds without bias, delay, or distraction.
So, what are the five key capabilities of AI? In broad brushstrokes they are Discover, Predict, Justify, Act, and Learn. Let’s dig in.


Discovery, in the context of AI security, is the ability for your system to learn from the data points (from a wide array of sensors, access control and video systems and even your security team’s reports or other applications). It uses learning techniques such as anomaly detection and deduction to provide real-time insights.
Another key component of discovery is the ability to govern and grasp data. Huge amounts of data must be received, interpreted and analyzed by AI quickly in real-time for the system to be effective. AI must be supported by a unification platform to enable that data to come in and be translated into a common language. And finally, the culture of your organization must be strategically-focused in their planning and implementation; think in terms of how to transform your security infrastructure to be a part of the overall digital transformation, not a separate venture.


An AI security system examines the data coming in, analyzes it and relates it in real-time to the established policies, data stored on identified threats and breaches, and information that it has learned on anomalous activities and behavior. AI has the ability to recognize what constitutes a threat; it evaluates variables and characterizes activity such as people count, unknown faces, abnormal credential usage, peak activity, etc. and looks for irregular behaviors. With this kind of information base, it can anticipate what will happen and provide information to your security team and other systems so that they can take proactive steps to mitigate the risk.
Many security teams are presented with alerts but not always with the background nor with the proper guidance on how to address the activity or concern. They may be reacting to an incident that has already occurred. However, with AI, when a threat is brewing, AI can help identify an event or collection of events as a concern, highlighting the violations that make it a risk, how big of a risk it is and what is the appropriate action to take based on the risk presented. This level of insight into threats or events can make the security team more effective in quickly mitigating or containing the threat.


By integrating intelligence with policies and controls, situational intelligence takes on a whole new level of effectiveness by becoming actionable. Instructions and locations can be delivered to the guards on site, first responders or any other teams that need to be notified of the details to better manage the situation. Further, by integrating visual evidence with video cameras and drones, the AI based system can instruct security teams exactly where the events are occurring and what violations have occurred. Taken a step further, with AI, organizations can leverage robots and drones to act on their behalf guided by the information the system has collected and provided for a clear view into the location and risk-levels of a situation.


Intelligent security systems need to detect and adapt as threats evolve. Through machine learning, an AI security system is continually evolving and improving. It improves every day to be better at detecting anomalies before they become a problem. An AI security system continually evaluates random data adapting and adjusting as variables change. It gains an understanding of the myriad of inputs and data streaming in learning patterns and what can be characterized as anomalies. It also takes the forensic information that is contained within reports or stored behavior analysis, and gets curious or intrigued as to when something falls outside of the norm honing in to assess it further. That learning helps the system to become aware and to alert you to potentially threatening changes.

The Nuts & Bolts You Need to Have an AI Security System

Considering that AI is the brain of your security system, you need to add the other sensory inputs like hearing, vision, touch so it has data to interpret. That means you need to:

  • Integrate your audio/video surveillance equipment, physical access control systems and motion detectors.
  • Unify your building automation systems and other IoT sensors.
  • Upgrade your access control system to intelligently manage operations and restrict access as needed.

The Bottom Line

Organizations that recognize the key benefits of AI as they apply to security will derive maximum value. They will have a system that is: proactive, not reactive; capable of learning and adapting to data so it can be more situationally aware; a value-add to your existing security infrastructure; and, an invaluable tool to ready to assist your security team 24×7.

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