Make your data work for you

The problems facing physical security today are very different from when existing security tools were designed. Give your organization the technology it needs to proactively fight both traditional and advanced threats, while reducing overall error.

Begin to prevent incidents as you see them evolve, rather than mitigate damages post-event. Transform your department’s perspective from a static, compliance-based model to a dynamic risk-based posture, so your operators have modern tools for modern threats. Don’t feed information overload, fight it…with ReconaSense.

AI Assist Chart

What is ReconaSense?

A scalable data engine with neural networking and native access control, designed to automate detection and response of physical security threats in real-time, while improving the quality of information available for physical security operators.

Intelligent Access Control

What is a Neural Net?

For humans and machines, more data leads to better decisions. Human brains are constantly scanning our five senses for activity, and adjusting in real-time. If it starts raining, we go inside. If we touch something hot, we pull away. If we smell smoke, we look for fire. Over time, the human brain learns to make these decisions in advance. Just as a human brain would bring an umbrella when rain is sensed, ReconaSense learns what is normal and how to respond when anomalies occur.

Diverse technology

What is a Data Engine?

An application that collects, indexes and harnesses fast-moving data generated by technology systems and infrastructure, whether physical or digital activity.

This helps deliver new levels of visibility and intelligence for PhySec operations and risk management as a whole, across an enterprise.


Why do I need ReconaSense?

Modern threats deserve modern tools. Existing technologies feed information overload and are Pre-A.I., while ReconaSense was built to defeat it with real-time analytics and a neural network.


...together they make your Security SMARTER!

Automatically detect traditional and advanced threats in real-time to ensure appropriate response, regardless of operator experience.

First Intelligent Security Platform

Unleash your security data and put it to work. ReconaSense normalizes and analyzes diverse data, so operators have tools to connect the dots and proactively manage risk across an enterprise – all in real-time.

We call ReconaSense “noise-cancelling security,” but you can just call it better security. Learn more.

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