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Actionable Intelligence Center

Actionable Security & Risk Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Give your team the tools that keep them informed and out in front of potential threats with ReconCommander, the world’s most powerful security intelligence with in-depth forensics from anywhere on any device.

Targeted Data Delivered Ahead of Potential Threats

ReconCommander alleviates information overload by delivering alerts and notifications with intelligent guidance so operators, security teams and first responder have an action and response plan sent in real-time.

Proactive Real-Time Response

Eliminate error and increase security response time with the evidence and details of any security breach or attack available on-demand from any device.

Emergency Procedures Deployment

When an attack occurs, you can initiate lockdown, start emergency procedures, and send alerts from virtually anywhere to the mobile application.

Actionable Guidance

Send proper safety and risk response plans to the field in emergency situations to ensure they follow policies and procedures while emotions are running high.

Rapid Forensic Reporting

Request and prepare a forensic report to quickly gather evidence for law enforcement and first responders as needed.

ReconCommander, Intelligence for Security Control

As part of the unified security platform, ReconCommander delivers customizable, intelligent dashboards that analyze critical data using the artificial neural network to create proactive alerts that keep your team one step ahead of threats.

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