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Smarter security

Automate Threat Detection and Physical Security Response with a Virtual Assistant

Predict and prevent threats with ReconAI, the industry’s first artificial intelligence solution that detects and assesses unusual behavior across the entire security infrastructure.

The Brains Behind Security Intelligence

The ReconAI artificial neural network (ANN) delivers a level of intelligence that interprets binary inputs for deviations from the norm—in real-time—to enhance situational awareness and alert operators of potential threats before they occur.

Analytic Analysis

Monitor behavior and data inputs across multiple technologies or analytics with a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to optimize existing security investments.

Logical Monitoring

Stay on top of sensitive environments with the attention required to secure them with AI that monitors data to apply risk scores in real time to deliver appropriate responses.

No-code Customization

Integrate customizable signatures and policy frameworks to the unique safety profile of your operation without the cost, labor and lost time of custom software development.

Dynamic Risk Aversion

Increase situational awareness and operator readiness based on dynamic risk variables with automated monitoring and management of your security.

Give Your Security Operation a Virtual Assistant

  • The industry’s first AI solution for physical security data
  • Anomaly detection across the entire security infrastructure
  • Artificial neural network provides real-time intelligence going beyond a binary view of the environment and events
  • Discover, analyze, learn and adjust with real-time analysis and risk scoring

For more information on the ReconaSense AI platform, view our latest White Paper.

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