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Artificial Neural Network

Intelligence for Enhancing Physical Safety


When properly trained, machines adjust to environmental inputs and perform tasks that can save lives.

ReconaSense has engineered physical security solutions that incorporate AI on an Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The ANN provides a real-time analytical processing of data collected from a wide array of intelligent sensors, access control activity data and video systems, as well as big data repositories.

Always on. Always learning.

By evaluating data based on established policy, as well as acquired and saved knowledge the system learns from user-defined policy and procedures to detect the difference between:

What is and what is not permissible

What is and what is not normal behavior

When and where to take action

Much like the human element, the ReconaSense ANN never stops learning and ceaselessly continues to gather intelligence for faster, more accurate risk detection.

Detect and Respond

With constant input and analysis, the ANN enhances situational awareness by identifying anomalous events, enabling automatic risk adjustments and detecting threat conditions before an event occurs.

Acting essentially as the brains for the security infrastructure, the ANN receives sensory input, identifies potential danger or threats, and transmits appropriate commands to the appropriate people to address the situation.

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